DR1 Micro SD

DR1 4GB Micro SD | Class 6

DR1 8GB Micro SD | Class 10

DR1 16GB Micro SD | Class 10


We are the exclusive distributor for DR1 branded Micro SD. One of the largest selling Micro SD Bulk in the MENA region, DR1 offers exceptional quality and speed. 

Capacity: Ranges from 1GB to 32GB Micro SD

Speed: C6 to C10 High Speed Read and Write

Country of Manufacture: All the DR1 Micro SD are manufactured and packaged in Taiwan

Wafer and Controller: We use different solutions for each capacity. DR1 2GB to 16GB are mostly packaged using Toshiba wafers and SMI controllers. DR1 16GB and 32GB are packaged using SanDisk and AK controller.  

Quality Control: All DR1 Micro SD undergo strict quality testing process to maintain a high level of quality control. 

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