About Us

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Redsteel Technology is based in Dubai, UAE – a booming hub for trade. We specialize in the semiconductor business with a focus on mobile storage products. We are a young company, but driven by creative minds with years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the Middle East market. Flexible and innovative, we can adapt to the volatile nature of the industry. 

Pioneer in Distribution of Flash Products


We are one of the largest distributors for Bulk OEM Micro SD, SD, SSD, USB Pen Drives in the Middle East. We also cater major brands including San Disk, Toshiba and Redsteel. We hold inventory both in Dubai and Hong Kong, allowing us greater control over volatile markets and pricing.

Unbeatable Value and Pricing


Our unmatched prices come from using high-quality wafers and controllers from reputed brands such as San Disk, Toshiba, Micron and SMI. We offer the best shipment turnaround time – our products are usually shipped within the same working day. We value our customers with our excellent after-sales service, which is quick and efficient to respond.

Founder and CEO

Mohamed Rizwan Noor


The driving force behind Redsteel Technology is Mohamed Rizwan Noor, who has extensive experience in the semiconductor industry. He has been influential in developing and establishing major brands in the Middle East region, and is an expert in terms of control of the semiconductor business including mobile storage such as DRAM and SSDs.

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